Myeki Ring

By Mandalaki

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The Myeki Ring is more than a charging device, and more than a table lamp. It's designed to enrich the user experience in a world of increasingly present electronic devices. Powered by a thin rubber cable that plugs into a USB socket, it can be used all around the world, and its dimmable light means it's easy to locate. Brought to us by Mandalaki in Milan, it can also be found in their Rhodes Monocabin.

Dimensions: 3.4cm high x 10cm diameter; 350g

Technical specs: 20W adapter, fixed (embedded) cable; Output: LED 5W; 2 USB 2 IA + IA 15.5W; Certifications: Rohs, FCC, CE, ERP.

Material: soft touch plastic

Warranty: one year

Ships from Italy to Europe and the US (for other destinations, email us at; estimated delivery time 10 days

Shipping rates: Europe (except Malta and Cyprus) $30; US $106

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