Sushi Plate 5

By Marisa Osorio Farinha

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Decoupage is a delicate work of cut paper which is applied under the piece of glass and appears by transparency. The decorated glass is then protected by silver foil. Finally the glass is lacquered with a background color, then stabilized by numerous layers of varnish. These unique pieces and limited series are signed on the back by the designer Marisa Osorio Farinha. The cutting technique is perfectly resistant to culinary use since these pieces are used on the glass side. This technique does not support the dishwasher. Clean with hot soapy water, do not allow to soak. Plan to store rounds of paper that you slide between each piece, to protect the lacquers.

Marisa is also the owner of the Casa Dos Passaros in Alentejo, Portugal.

To visit it, click here.

Materials:  Glass decorated with cut paper and silver leaf.

Dimensions:  29.5 cm x 12.5 cm

Made to order:  allow 3 weeks for completion.

Shipping rates:  $26 within EU; $33 Worldwide.


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