Gold-filled knotted bracelet in Ivory

By Lili T.

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This classically knotted bracelet is made from gold-filled beads and Chinese knotting cord, by LA-based designer Lili T. Lili works between Venice and 29 Palms in the Mojave Desert, and tells us: "I love meandering through the multi-cultural density that is Los Angeles and being inspired by it, and I love being swallowed by the solitary desert vastness that opens my mind in all directions and lets me be and work." Lili is also the owner of the T House in 29 Palms. To visit it, click here.

Size: bracelets made for a typical 6 inch/15.5 cm woman's wrist (measured around the narrowest part of your wrist). 

Ships from Los Angeles worldwide

Shipping rate: $10 US; $20 worldwide

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