Birgitta Seghers

Birgitta Seghers paints, draws and examines forms since her childhood. Her room as a child was filled with drawing and sketches. Since 1997 she was educated at the Royal Academy for Fine Arts in Dendermonde, the Academie Mechelen en LUCA School of Arts Brussel. She now attends the Academy of visual arts in Anderlecht. Throughout the years her work has evolved towards monumental, abstract and more colourful oil paintings. Large canvasses, like ponds of color in which the viewer wants to emerge and discover. 

“I want to paint, without understanding, constraint or a need for something in particular. Just paint until I am empty. Paint until I have given everything. I have no plan, only a canvas and paint. Maybe a connection is established between the work and the spectator but the inner story will be his making. I then let go mine.”

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