Clayton Woodley

Clayton Woodley (American, b.1987) is a multi-disciplinary creator and Contemporary photographer. Known for his exotic locations, Woodley’s work features female figures juxtaposed in unique and interesting ways that often blur the line between subject and foreground, a distinction the artist highlights “as a way to reclaim our human identity as nature”. Woodley’s main body of work was created on a nomadic journey across the world from 2014-2016, which he says was guided, by intuition and happenstance. The resulting photographs depict human forms flowering out of landscapes including the Namibian desert in “Dreams to Awaken”, bright contrasting sculpturesque contortionists in Bali, and even nude figures in hard-to-reach and sometimes-controversial locations such as the salt flats of Bolivia and the alien-like landscapes of Socotra, Yemen.

Born and raised in Columbus, IN, Woodley’s first exposure to photography came at an early age when he would visit his dad in Australia and use a point-and-shoot film camera to capture his experiences. Later in high school, he honed in on his visual talents expanding to digital cinematography, video editing, and digital photography. At 18 he moved to Southern California where he used his talents in the action sports scene that lead to a long stint in the music industry. After a life-changing accident in 2014, he embarked on a creative world journey and discovered his true calling as a visual artist and fine-art photographer. At the age of 29, Woodley had his debut solo exhibition “Dreams to Awaken” at Shim Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. After his second show in Manhattan the following year he moved back to Los Angeles and founded his own online gallery. His vibrant work features large-scale original light-boxes and limited edition prints which have been collected across the world.

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