Diane Best

Diane Best was born in Boston and studied in the San Francisco area, before moving south to Los Angeles. There, she did commercial artwork for the entertainment industry and commissioned portraits. The high desert wilderness was her home for 8 years, from where she worked freelance for Los Angeles’ animation studios doing background painting, but over time shifted her focus to capturing the intense drama of the desert landscape that surrounded her with painting, photography, and moving image work. Working off of the tradition of the American conservationist artists of the 19th century, Best strives to update landscape painting and film making, utilizing contemporary theories of perception that have been influenced by deep ecology, photography, cinema, digital imaging, and animation.

Now living in Santa Fe, New Mexico, after 23 years in Joshua Tree, she has shown her work throughout the country. Her work has been profiled in publications including “Lifescapes; West Coast Art & Design”, Palm Springs Life Art & Culture Magazine, Art Patron Magazine, and in a KCET Artbound documentary about her work. Diane Best’s work has been presented in solo and group exhibitions throughout the country, including: solo show at the Carnegie Museum in Oxnard, CA 2009 show at the Southwest Museum in L.A., 2009 solo show of her “Shack” photographs at BoxoProjects NYC 2010.

View her collection here.