Donna E


When you arrive in Corsica, one of the first things you'll notice is the smell of the maquis -- or more specifically, the immortelle flower. Its therapeutic and beneficial qualities, known and used for centuries in the heart of Corsican villages, have been the inspiration for the Donna E Biocosmetica Di Corsica brand, created by Christelle Leandri of Ecce Donna Laboratories. Christelle has a PhD in chemistry, and since 2008 all of her beauty products have been made with organic Corsican ingredients, certified by Ecocert GreenLife and Cosmos. These plants and flowers not only have amazing scents, but their secret is also at the heart of their structure and chemical composition; active principles for restorative health and beauty. Developed in small qualities, with the purest of ingredients, it doesn't get more eco-friendly than this.

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