After visiting the village of Otavalo in Ecuador this family was spellbound with the textiles made by the local Otavaleños so they decided to found the company Ecuadane. The name symbolizes their Ecuadorian and Danish backgrounds. 

The desire to share the unique, hand-weaved products with the rest of the world was great and thought it was an interesting opportunity to combine the traditional South American design with the simple Nordic style. It was also crucial that all production should have the greatest respect for the environment and that all textiles should consist mainly of recycled textile fibres.

Today, Ecuadane is a family-run business with their three daughters at the helm. They are grateful for the chance to share the products of the Otavaleños with the rest of the world, which is why they give back to the community by donating 5 -10% of the profits to Ecuador and various humanitarian efforts such as children’s hospitals and schools.

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