Edie Kahula Pereira

Specialty Dry Goods celebrates the beauty of imperfection and hand crafted details. Edie Kahula Pereira's approach to design and making is that of an artisan. Modern in delivery, Edie's work is human, distinctly tactile, and somewhat quirky. What inspires her are the simply made objects found in everyday culture, that are driven by function, and necessity, and crafted from whatever materials are available to them (at that time); these textured, ingenious, engaging, beautiful objects found throughout history are still relevant (even in today's age of technology). 
Based in Los Angeles, Edie was born into and surrounded by cultural and ethnic diversity, and the simplicity of life on her native Hawaiian islands. Professionally, she embarked on a creative journey that began with fashion-retail; a masters degree in architecture; work as a fashion scout for an international client. Personally and "on-the-job', she traveled the world and explored global culture. After several years in the architecture field, Edie began work as a Senior Designer in product development for a prestigious design firm that collaborated with international industrial designers. Before founding Specialty Dry Goods, Edie's curatorial collaboration with an online media platform produced art and product pop ups in the physical world.
Specialty Dry Goods began with the making of potholders from materials Edie had "laying around her home"; adding to this collection, an assortment of little pouches were made from locally sourced remnant leather. Organically, SDG grew from a personal project to a business intention in August of 2013, after being gifted a booth with fashion trade show d&a and being selected by NY NOW as an emerging designer for the HANDMADE display platform. Synthesizing her design knowledge and international style perspective, each SDG product is constructed with thoughtful details specific to each design, a unique point of view and timeless individuality.

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