Loyalty Counts

boutique n.

1 : a small specialty shop

2 : a business that serves a sophisticated or specialized clientele

Ours is a community that thrives on loyalty. At BoutiqueHomes, we have always avoided booking fees, but we wanted to give our members something extra to say thank you for booking with us. That’s why we are now awarding loyalty points that can be redeemed in our marketplace.

Here’s how it works

Become a member of BoutiqueHomes and, for every booking you make, you’ll receive points. Collect these points, then redeem them at our new marketplace. The more nights you stay, the more you can shop.

In your BoutiqueHomes member account, go to the Loyalty Reward page to review the details of the Loyalty program.

Like BoutiqueHomes, our marketplace is a little unique. It is filled with products created by our community members (hosts and travelers) and hand-picked by us. Little pieces of our world that you can take home.

You may have seen a print in a Lisbon penthouse or a batik in a Balinese beach house, and not known they were for sale. Maybe you didn’t know one of our homeowners also made bespoke bags, that another was a fine art photographer. Maybe you’re a ceramic artist and want to share your work with us? In the marketplace, we curate and showcase the works of art created by our community.

And earning points is really simple. After one stay, you start getting points. The more you stay, the more loyalty points you can redeem – for a discount, or free products. It’s our way of saying thanks for being a member !