Monocabin specs

Prefab House. Designed in Italy. Ready to install.
Why Monocabin? Experience building a house in the least stressful way. It’s all here for you. No hidden costs.
  • Monocabin prefab with terrace, made in Italy
  • Capacity: 2 to 3 people
  • Net dimensions 26.5 m² 
  • Includes installation (within the EU) and finishings, interior furniture, interior appliances and lighting (indoor & outdoor)
  • No need for a foundation
  • Adaptable to all types of terrain
  • In order to keep the highest quality, each Monocabin is made upon request, with the possibility of customization to make your perfect match.  

Save your time. A lot of it.

Delivery time: 5 months from written order

Transportation (within the EU): up to 20 working days

Installation time (within the EU): 7 working days

Payment Terms: 25% in advance on the total value. 65% before shipping. 10% once installed

Discount: 10% discount on the total value if you purchase 2 units


Monocabin prefab includes:

  • Prefab walls:
Drywall panel thickness 2cm
OCB panel thickness 2cm
Extruded spacer
Hemp-lime insulation thickness 12cm
Hollow space for ventilation thickness 4cm
Fiber-reinforced concrete thickness 1.25cm
Interior & exterior paint
    • Wall thickness 20cm
    • Aluminium window frames black mat finishing with triple glass
    • Boiler water Ariston
    • Air conditioning Unico
    • Electrical plugs Vimar
    • Kitchen and Bathroom sanitary Ideal Standar & Geberit
    • Bathroom wall fitting door
    • Industrial paving
    • Bathroom stones paving
    • Furniture and light installation
    • Warranty 30 years
    • House net dimensions 26.5m²
    • Electrical panel
    • Monocabin foundation structure adaptable to all types of terrain
    • Earthquake approved
    • Bath tiles
    • 16m² terrace construction in industrial concrete
    • 5m² backyard construction in wood paving
    • Bed construction
    • Smart wall construction
    • Electrical and water installation in house
    • Wall color finishing of your choice
    • Goods replacement company list

    Interior furniture includes :

    • Wardrobe, bedside table, kitchen & bathroom furniture made in EU Custom made. Design by Mandalaki in Italy. Material used: white laminate wood, white marble, white quartz, slow close doors system
    • One wood chair
    • One wood stool
    • 2 waterpoof poofs
    • Marble table with metal structure, custom made
    • Cocomat mattress
    • Clothes hanger, black metal, indoor, custom made
    • Clothes hanger system outdoor
    • Outdoor shower
    • 5x sunblock curtains in fabric 

    Interior appliances and lighting (indoor & outdoor) includes:

    • Mandalaki studio selection
    • Three handmade ceramic lights by Mandalaki
    • Four LED lights Philips for interior
    • Seven LED lights Philips for exterior
    • Two bedside lights with touch sensor design by Mandalaki
    • Bathroom aromatherapy lighting with remote control
    • Moritz fridge medium size color black with front glass
    • Korting dishwasher
    • Whirpool stove
    • Indesit oven
    • Indesit washing machine
    • Hi-fi Philips
    • Projector
    • Apple TV
    • Emergency light
    • 1 year warranty on above goods

    Personalized features for the perfect match, upon request with separate quotation:

    • Interior customized finishings and furniture
    • Exterior customized wall finishings
    • Landscape design
    • Customized terrace and backyard design and finishings
    • Transportation and installation outside EU
    • Smart home (TV, Sound system, Domotic, CCTV)
    • Prefabricated swimming pool
    • Solar energy system (on grid)
    • Terrace roller blinds / fixed curtain screen
    • Private parking 

    Not included:

    • Connection to electricity grid
    • Permissions
    • Water drainage system
    • Connection to sewage system
    • Ground engineering
    • Land property