Nùevù is a multidisciplinary studio dedicated to the creation of timeles spacesand objects for living. Founded in 2016, in Puglia by Nadiya Yamnycha and Walter Espedito Trento. They draw and make elements, spaces,objects and details. Apply ancient techniques, natural materials in ectedto present and contemporary awareness. Natural soils, cocciopesto, lime, stones, crock-concrete, mortars, clays, ceramics, herbs, metals, papers, fabrics, plants, owers. Through a sharing process, they express wishes as places. Graft in existing spaces. Design, redevelop and set up places to live.

They open spaces for the light, draw with the light, make objects that make light. They play with shadows. Rebuild fragments of that original and in-perfect garden. Without distinction between beautiful and useful, among contemplation and need. They design microhabitat.

Nùevù are also the owner's of the Nostrano Trullo property in Puglia, Italy. To visit it, click here.

Explore their collection here.