La Segreta Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml.

By La Segreta


Set on 70 acres of vineyards and farmland, La Segreta includes about 500 olive trees. They grow three qualities of olives: leccino, moraiolo and frantoio, the types you'll in every Umbrian's back yard. They pick early, by hand, in mid-October and bring to press within 24 hours of harvest. This year's extra virgin is delicious; a concentrated, fruity olive oil with the famous Umbrian peppery kick at the finish. Not too spicy, just right. And of course organically certified.

To stay at the Collazzone FarmHouse where this delicious olive oil is made, click here.

Size: 500 ml.

Shipping rates: $14 (1-3 bottles); $18 (4 bottles) US and EU.

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