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Maldiluna by Nùevù, is a sculptural lighting from their collection Kaos.
It was inspired by the short stories of Luigi Pirandello and a land of myth. Exploring unchanging authenticity in the general chaos and flow of life, they assembled two essential elements: the base in cocciopesto / opus signinum and the oxidized brass disc that reflects the light, in two symbolic colors; black and gold. With this object they invite you to play with shadows, giving your own interpretation to the poetry of everyday living.

Each piece is unique, durable and sustainable. Handcrafted and carefully nished in Puglia with respect for it's people and stunning natural environment. Any small irregularities or slight variations in nishing are simply evidence
of the uniqueness of each piece.

Nùevù are also the owner's of the Nostrano Trullo property in Puglia, Italy. To visit it, click here.

Materials:  Cocciopesto / Opus Signinum and Brass.

Dimensions:  H 31,5 cm x L 25 cm x P 12 cm brass disc: Ø 25 cm

Shipping rates: $25 EU; $35 US; $35 Canada; $50 Worldwide.


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