Pepitu deckchair



This cool deckchair was redesigned by Marc Morro in 2017. It's handmade in Lleida and Barcelona using beech wood.

AOO is a small furniture company from Barcelona, established in 2013 by Oriol Villar and Marc Morro. Objects are made by the designers or by local artisans. Wood is the starting point for most of their pieces: "its smell, its warmth, its human scale to work with, but above all because wood is the most variable and adaptable raw material available to man in nature."

Material: beech, dyed acrylic and nylon
Finishing: outdoor varnished
Sit height: 19-32 cm
Back height: 74 cm
Size (folded): 83cm x 40cm x 9cm

Ships from Barcelona within Europe only

Price in euros (convert)

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