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Under the moniker Salvage Art Sweetheart, L.A. based artist Marsha Perloff creates assemblage art dolls from soulful found objects, salvaged materials, and vintage textiles and notions.

Cedric is an assemblage art doll inspired in part by Dr. Seuss, Saturday morning cartoons, and the fairy tales she read as a child. These realms, in which animals spoke, dressed, and were regarded as peers by their human counter-parts, made a lasting impression on her. She created this one-of-a-kind doll by hand using a variety of recycled, salvaged, vintage, and cast-off items including a vintage talc tin, a mid-century bisque figurine head from Japan, vintage hardware and hand tools, vintage beads, buttons and costume jewelry. Imperfections are to be expected and embraced, as they contribute to this piece's unique character. 

Measures: aproximately 12” from head to toe, Arms are bendable, legs swing.
Ready for hanging.

Shipping rates: $20 US; $50 Worldwide.

Delivery Time: 1-3 Days US; 6-10 Days Worldwide.

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